Dizzy Bird

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On a German site, Modellbauvideos.de I ran into the plans for a simple glider. After Project Jynx  gave me my first hands-on experience with depron and scratch building, this seemed a good next step.

31 August 2009 – Dizzy Bird finished

After a couple of days fiddling, a new plane has come into existance: the Dizzy Bird, after the example of the German site Modellbauvideos.de. Now all we need is some time to go and throw it off the hill!

27 February 2010 – Dizzy Bird maidened

At last, finally, winter is over. On the only dry day of the week, we went to the Amsterdam Forrest and tried some flights. And darn it, it even flew very well!
After the first careful test flights, we made some good but brief flights from the hill. A muddy underground made that we did not use the highest point. Also it was quite cold, but we were very delighted that it worked!
As the movie shows, the Bird reacts quite ferocious on “up”. Contrarily, to get it to turn is not so easy. Perhaps by tweaking the transmitter settings, this could be improved.

August 2011
The Dizzy is currently awaiting repair as a servo has lost its teeth.
The Dizzy Bird is still in our hangar and in good flying condition. We did rubberband launches with it, which is great fun!

Also soaring in mild winds is great.