F-117 Nighthawk

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Plane: RcPowers F-117 Stealth

Span: 54 cm
Build: depron, carbon stick and glue
Controls: 3 channels – throttle, elevons (delta-mix on transmitter)
Weight: about 400 g including battery (2200 mAh)
Battery: LiPo Jamara 2200mAh 3s 25C
Servos: 2x Graupner metal gear 10gr.

For some time we were checking regularly on Dave Powers and his site RcPowers.com. His enthousiasm got us going, and Jelmer ordered a setup through our family in California. After some time they brought it with them on his birthday in 2009.

With some depron, bicycle spokes and some small parts from Natterer Modellbau we got this thing together fairly quickly. A short test run followed in the garden of a holiday home in Dalfsen. But the speed of the thing was far too much and the field too small. There was just enough time to get it level before throttle had to be cut. Not too far, but fast though!
After almost a year on Jelmer’s bedroom wall, the F-117 is now (Aug 2011) still fully in use. Still in one piece, still fun to fly!
Update 7 mei 2011
Yesterday Alfred also flew the F-117.
Rigt now, the F-117 is equipped with a 2,4 GHz receiver.
Recommendation: this is not a good first plane. You could better start with something a bit slower. If you want to dig right in, buy a Mentor. If you want to start with a small cheap glider which is easy to build and can be very much fun, check out the Dizzy Bird.