Glow Stick

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Plane: Glow Stick

Span: 76 cm
Length: 63 cm
Build: scratchbuilt made of Depron and Selitac
Setup: electric,Turnigy 2204-14T brushless outrunner, 12A “Hong Kong” ESC, GWS slow fly propeller
Controls: 4 channels plus light switch
Weight: 253 g including 2s 500 mAh Zippy lipo. Also carries an 800 mAh lipo with ease.
Summer 2011
Repaired and flying again with fuse front end rebuilt.
May 2011
Crashed, fuselage needs a rebuild. Probably next autumn.

9 April 2011

Also for this bird a separate page. After the failed experiment with the Formula Foam Flyer (FFF), I chose to build a night flyer with more trainer-like characteristics. But also a bit of fast flying and a bit of stunting should be possible. After a long search, I picked the Glow Stick. Found it at the forum where an excellent build thread can be found.
All winter during many evenings the plane came to shape. It is made from drawing out of Depron and Selytac and further largely from materials that were available in the house or that were in my stock somewhere.
– Welding wire for undercarriage
– Plastic toilet paper role cores for wheels (later replaced)
– Sateh sticks and paperclips as pushrods
– Almost all LEDs are recycled
Strong points:
– Very much fun to build!!! Real rib wing, yet very light.
– Real four axis controls.
Weak points:
– Some points in the construction are not very strong (turned out that way anyway, could be my building skills)
– Lights in the wing could have been brighter, specially for the green LEDs in the right wing, I used a too big resistor.