Pizza Wing (Zagi) (Retired)

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Plane: Zagi – called Pizza Wing because I used parts of a delivery moped of New York Pizza…
Wing span: 1 meter
Build: scratchbuilt hot-wire cut foam wing, elevons and winglets of coroplast.
Setup: electric, RC Timer 2200 kv brushless outrunner, 12A RC Timer ESC, RC Timer 6×4 E-prop
Controls: 3 channels: throttle and transmitter-mixed elevons
Servos: RC Timer 9 grams metal gear
Weight: 462 x g including 1300 mAh 3S lipo.

25 September 2011
The real maiden was during the summer holidays, but today I flew it myself: a Zagi made out of free scrap materials. Because there is a sticker on it of New York Pizza, I named it the Pizza Wing.
The materials are left over foam from construction of our annex, as well as coroplast fallen from a New-York Pizza delivery moped… I put the sticker on the bottom of the wing. With the new propsaver, the weight distribution is just right. Jelmer took the wing for it’s first post-maiden. Adding a few trim clicks, he made it into a nice stunt flight and ended with a power-off landing. The thing is a real blast! After the fight he added some more expo on elevator (mixed of course) to make it manageable for my shaking old hands…
Then it was my turn. The first throw of Jelmer ended nose-down on the field, but the sturdy duct-tape enforced construction didn’d budge and with the second attempt it went up just fine. I kept it half-throttle most of the time, but couldn’t resist to open up on the straight and level stretches when I was “three mistakes high”. I did a few loops and got the feeling for flying a non-rudder flying wing. I ended with a nice approach and equal power-off landing as Jelmer did, thanks to his instructions.
After this, we took it up some more, and enjoyed the pleasure of flying a fast plane that isn’t easy to break and can handle some wind. A good choice if you want something a little faster besides your trainer, not expensive and easy to build.
Building the Pizza Wing
I did not take any building pics this time… The only drawings I used were the measures of the complete plane, indicting the CG, and ¬†drawings of the wing profile. The wings have built-in wash-out of the wing tips if you place the cutting templates rigth, but no dehidral. The underside is completely flat. To join the two wing halves, I used poly urethane glue (Gorilla glue). I also used this to fix the motormount which I made out of plywood.
Tip: make sure to have the CG enough to the front. Having it too far back makes the plane very unstable and not as much fun to fly!
I used a simple drawing like this (as found on RC Groups) and the PDFs out of Profili, see my Plans page.